Hi, I'm drbob Melamede. 
Throughout my life I have been fascinated and amazed by life, always wondering what it is and how it works. Modern molecular biology and far from equilibrium thermodynamics have provided me with answers that I find very satisfying. Simply and simplistically put, it is natural for the flow of energy and matter to act "creatively". This fact of physics serves as the central theme for all my knowledge and world view. It provides a scientific basis for understanding life and death, health and disease. I hope you will enjoy and benefit from this approach.


saves lives

The time has come to understand what life, death, health and illness are from a scientific perspective.

We exist to end needless suffering

Learn how to helping to change the world.


Access to education is a basic human right. Unfortunately when the education system is ignorant of new knowledge, it is naturally slow to incorporate that knowledge. If teachers do not know the information, how can they teach it?. If physicians and scientist are uninformed how can the advise legislators?

Together, we can make a difference

Education is critical. To encourage knowledge of the endocannabinoids system and the impact that cannabis based medicined can have in promoting health and reducing suffering, I will publish the book that I am writing on this and other websites. Additionally, I will publish my writings and videos on this site to facilitate availability and discussion.

Let us know how you can help save lives.


Cannabis extracts have been anecdotally reported to kill numerous cancers!!!

Below you see before and after photos of skin cancer treated with cannabis extracts extracts

For over a year this man self-treated successfully at home. Cannabis killed the massive squamous cell cancer on his head. He went to the hospital for another condition and sadly, died after acquiring a hospital infection and then given an antibiotic to which he was allergic.

Cannabis Prohibition is KILLING people all around the world. It must end. YOU must help move humanity to a new level of PEASE and LOVE


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